Our offers in Zurich

Anti-stress massage

Neck, shoulder and back

This treatment relieves stress and muscle tension in the back area caused by a desk or sedentary work. After you have described the nature of your pain, our therapist will relax your tense shoulders, relieve neck stiffness and ease back pain. Experience the euphoric feeling of relief and relaxation after this positive massage treatment.

30 minutes: CHF 69
60 minutes: CHF 119
90 minutes: CHF 169

Thai aroma
Organic oil massage

The Thai Aroma Organic Oil Massage combines the classic massage with various organic essential oils.

60 minutes: CHF 129
90 minutes: CHF 179
120 minutes: CHF 229


Traditional Thai massage

In traditional Thai massage, 10 energy lines (Sen) and local points are massaged. Energy blockages are released through pressure, stretching and energy line massage. This promotes inner balance and the flow of vital energy. Traditional Thai massage works without oil. Enjoy the feeling when muscle after muscle is released and re-energized (without oil).

30 minutes: 69
60 minutes: CHF 119
90 minutes: CHF 169

Swedish massage

Swedish massage is the most common and best-known type of massage in the West. Based on Western concepts of anatomy and physiology, our therapists use this type of massage to stimulate blood flow, flush the circulatory system, release tense muscles, restore range of motion and relieve pain. Depending on the therapist’s personal recommendation, a Swedish massage can be slow and gentle or vigorous and invigorating. If you don’t get massaged often, a Swedish massage is a good choice.

30 minutes: CHF 69 | 60 minutes: CHF 119 | 90 minutes: CHF 169

Foot reflexology massage

Our feet are the mirror of our body. Our experienced masseuse activates or soothes stressed organs. The general effects of foot zone massage are relaxation, increased blood circulation, stimulation of the immune system and self-healing powers as well as a positive effect on the mind and soul.

60 minutes: CHF 129
90 minutes: CHF 179

Thai massage for pregnant women

This massage is specially designed for women during pregnancy. Thai massage also helps to relieve tension during pregnancy and get the energy flowing again. Special stretches, which are good for preparing for the birth, are included in the massage. The massage is performed gently on the side and over the clothes so that mother and baby can relax and enjoy the time.

45 minutes: CHF 79


Fat reduction & muscle building

EMShapeX® interacts with muscle neurons to induce supramaximal muscle contractions. Thanks to the continuous muscle contractions, parts of the myofibril are gradually broken down, which stimulates the self-repair of the muscles. As a result, the muscle builds up, becomes stronger and thickens.


25 minutes: CHF 180
4-person subscription CHF 660
6 ABO CHF 900

Cryolipolysis (cool shaping)


Cryolipolysis is a non-invasive procedure for reducing fat on the stomach, hips, bottom, legs, thighs and double chin. The treatment is primarily aimed at fat deposits that are difficult or impossible to reduce with diets and exercise.
Application for:

  • Belly
  • Hip
  • Thighs / riding breeches
  • Upper arms

The benefits of cryolipolysis

  • No pain
  • non-invasive
  • 20-30% fat reduction
  • No downtime

CHF 200.- instead of 295.- (1 handpiece / e.g. for abdomen) 60 min.

CHF 250.- instead of 345.- (2 handpieces / e.g. for hips, legs, upper arms) 60 min.

Lymphatic drainage

Accelerates lymph circulation
In the event of pain in the limbs, the patient must first consult a doctor who can refer them to the appropriate medical examinations. If the patient’s problem is due to slow lymphatic circulation, the doctor may suggest a manual lymphatic drainage massage (performed by an expert). Other treatment options include compression bandages, medical gymnastics or pressotherapy with pneumatic cuffs (e.g. UNIX MAXSTAR™) in professional health clinics.

20 min CHF 45
5-pack subscription CHF 210
10-pack subscription CHF 400



From 1mm
less pain with the Australian wax from Lycon Precision Waxing, suitable for all skin types

Service Prices in CHF
½ leg 45
Whole leg 90
Bikini lines 35
Bikini 45
Brazilian(Women) 80
Forearms 45
½ Arm 40
Whole arm 55
Lip 20
Chin 20
Eyebrow 40
Spine inc. Neck 75
Chest 65
Belly 50


Dermalogica facial treatment


All products are free from irritants such as mineral oils, lanolin, irritating artificial colorants or fragrances and skin-drying alcohol.


My facial treatments include:


A skin analysis, double deep cleansing, steaming, peeling, removal of blackheads, high frequency cosmetic machines, customized face masks and the use of Bio Lifting or special serum boosters.

Basic facial treatment

Customized skin treatment (60 min) – CHF 99

Anti-aging facial treatment

75 minutes: CHF 169

Facial treatment with bio-lifting

90 minutes: CHF 215