Traditional Thai Massage

 In Traditional Thai massage is a 10 energy lines (SEN) and local massaging pointsEnergy blockages are released by pressurestretching and energy lines massageThus, inner balance and the flow of life energy promoted.

The traditional Thai massage is carried out without oil. It is ideal for muscle relaxation and tension relieve. Enjoy the feeling!

 Prices (incl. Foot bath)

 60 min 80 CHF90 min 110 CHF120 min 140 CHF



Four Elements Aroma oil Thai Massage

 Pamper yourself with our Signature Massage. Treat yourself to a gentle version of Thai massage. It is carried out by using high-quality and nourishing massage oils according to a special selection of the 4 elements (fire, water, earth, air). The combination of physical well-being and mental relaxation make a very pleasant form of massage therapy. The massage leads to deep relaxation of the entire nervous system, losens muscle tension and increases well-being.                 

   Prices (incl. foot bath)

                      60 min 100 CHF, 90 min 140 CHF, 120 min 180 Chf

(15%) 10.00-15.00 : 85 chf (60 min), 119 (90min)

(10%) 15.00-20.00 : 90chf (60 min), 126 (90min)


Massage Abo (Ab 14 Nov 16)

5 Aromaöl Massage (60 min) : 425 chf, 10 Aromaöl (60 min) : 820

 5 Aromaöl Massage (90 min) : 585 chf, 10 Aromaöl (90 min) : 1150



        Thai Massage with Award winning  Permanent control herbal sample
Treatment with permanent control herbal stamp is done by pressing soothing warm herbal compress along the energy lines and points and temperature is warm stable for 56c for perfect whole treatment

Heat promotes blood flow and loosens the tissue. Steam opens the pores and accelerates the intake of nourishing oils and natural herbal ingredients. The gentle massage also loosens tense muscles. 


                                                           Prices (incl. Foot bath and stample )

                                                                  75 min 125 CHF



  Anti-stress massage (head and shoulders back)
The head, shoulders and back counts at the present time the largest problem areas of our body. This massage special grips are used, which lead to a relaxation of the muscles and a better evacuation of lactic acid in the tissue.
30 min 55C HF, 60 min  80 CHF, 90 min 110 CHF, 120  min 140 CHF


  Thai Massage for pregnant women

This Massage is specially for women during pregnancy (after 3 month)

Thai massage helps to loosen tensions and to bring the energy to flow again during pregnancy. Special expansions, which are good for childbirth, are included in the massage. The massage is carried out smoothly in the lateral position and the clothes so that mother and baby can enjoy the time relaxing.

Prices (incl. Foot bath)

45 min CHF 65


Partner massage
All massages at Elements Thai Spa are also available as a partner massages. At the same time in the same space. So you can experience and enjoy your time out together.

Prices (incl. Foot bath)

The price is 2 x individual massage with 5% discount.


Foot Massage

The feet are the mirror of our body. Our experienced masseuse activates or calms stressed organs.
 The general effects of the foot zone massage is relaxation, increased blood circulation, stimulating the immune system and the self-healing powers and a positive effect on mind and soul.



60 min CHF 95, 90 min 125 CHF


Spa packages

  Just for You 

60 min aroma oil massage or Thai massage or foot reflexology massage

60 min Anti Aging Facial
Relaxed and cared from head to toe.
Full body massage with aromatic oils of essential oils and graduation enjoy with facial.

Prices (incl. Foot bath)

  120 min 185 CHF