Award Winning Stamp Massage


The patented Permanent Contour® steam has revolutionised the world of stamp massages. The effective treatments for  body is performed with pads which are both steamed and temperature-controlled. The active ingredients in the pads

– from algae through moor mud to beer, herbs or grape pomace – make each treatment a unique experience for the guest.


The therapeutic effect – use natural ingredients to relax, improve blood flow, loosen and harmonise

Heat promotes blood flow and loosens the tissue. Steam opens the pores and accelerates the intake of nourishing oils and natural herbal ingredients. The gentle massage also loosens tense muscles. 



Scientific study on Permanent Contour® herbal steam stamp massage

Ages between 25 and 65. The testers evaluated their condition before and after treatment on a scale of 1 to 10 according to the following parameters:

well-being, mood, muscle relaxation and rest factor.

In all 4 categories, the improvement was significantly higher after the Permanent Contour® massage than after the classic massage. In a further step, the therapist rated the warming of the tissue, skin elasticity, muscle relaxation and the overall condition of the tissue, both before and after massage. Even here, the improvement after the Permanent Contour® massage was significantly higher than after the classic massage.

 Price  75 min 125 chf (include foot bath and stample)