Elements Thai Spa 


We use ancient sources of power from traditional thailand natural healing. A source of balance and harmony is embodies in our life, which carries and powerfully symbolises the four elements of fire, earth, wind and water. It represents the power of life and the connection to our soul, the basis of our philosophy.

Our custom made designed spa treatment echoing your personal needs and desires allow you to create the treatment journey that is the best suited.


Traditional Thai medical theory is referred to as the “1000-years ancient wit” (Salguero 2003).  The basis of Thai traditional medical theory states that the human body is composed of 4 basic elements. Each element refers not to the physical substance but to the qualities of that substance (Somchintana 1986). These elements are tards of the body, which consist of “earth”, “wind”, “fire”, and “water” (Chokevivat 2005).  


In order to stay healthy, the four elements must be in perfect balance and harmony. If these elements are out of balance, the body’s ability to repair itself will be weakened and a person will become vulnerable to illness and sadness (Somchintana 1986).  Many factors can offset this balance listed here: poor diet, poor lifestyle choices, inappropriate state of mind, changes in weather, pollution, and poor living and working environments and they must be either removed or alleviated so that healing can take place naturally (Salguero 2003).  Each person has a personal element that is usually determined by the month of birth, however, this may change due to the way a person is raised (Somchintana 1986).  This personal element will normally determine the health of a person throughout their life (Somchintana 1986). 



                                              EARTH ELEMENT


The earth element is most commonly dominant of people born in winter during the months of November, December, or January.  A person ruled by the earth element will have big strong bones and joints.  They’ll be muscular and powerful, and normally have a darker complexion.  Earth element people will have perfect skin health, bone and muscular health.  The earth element affects “solid” organs, such as skin, muscle, tendon, bone, and other more solid organs.  Thus, earth sicknesses are considered to be tumors, hemorrhoids, skin disease, bone disease, and joint disease (Somchintana 1986).


                                              WATER ELEMENT


                 The water element generally rules over people born in fall during the months of August, September, and October.  These people will normally have a good figure, healthy complexion and will be able to tolerate extreme temperature well. The water element controls the “liquid” parts of the body.  A person ruled by the water element will have great blood and eyes.  Water illnesses include blood diseases, eye diseases, urination problems and infections (Somchintana 1986).

Water time is considered the time from six to ten in the morning and evening.  Water time would be the best time to relieve water element illnesses.  A person could relieve these illnesses by consuming food and drinks with a sour or bitter taste during this time (Salguero 2003



                                                                           WIND ELEMENT


A person born during the summer in the months of May, June, or July is ruled by the wind element.  Wind element type people are normally tall and thin with loose joints and rough skin.  They may have trouble sleeping, become bored easily and be rather timid.  The wind element controls those functions of the body that are “moving.”  This involves the respiratory system and the digestive system.  Thus, wind element people will have strong intestinal and respiratory health.  Respiratory illnesses, intestinal illnesses, constipation, and other inner illnesses are considered wind illnesses (Somchintana 1986).

Wind time is considered to be the time from two to six in the morning and afternoon.  During this time, a person should consume food and drinks that are hot or spicy to relieve wind element diseases (Salguero 2003).


                                                   FIRE ELEMENT


           The fire element people are born in spring during the months of February, March, and April.  People ruled by the fire element are normally thin yet always hungry.  They are impatient and intolerant to heat.  The fire element controls parts of the body that are related to “heat.”  This includes circulation, temperature control, and metabolism.  Fire element people have strong circulatory systems and high metabolisms.  Fire element illnesses include heart disease and fever (Somchintana 1986).

Fire time is the time from ten until two in the middle of the day and the middle of the night.  During this time, if suffering from a fire element disease, a person should consume food or beverages with a cool taste (Salguero 2003).


  We use ancient sources of power from traditional thailand natural healing. A source of balance and harmony is embodies in our tree of life, which carries and powerfully symbolises the four elements of fire, earth, wind and water. It represents the power of life and the connection to the sub-consciousness, the basis of our philosophy.




       Traditional Thai Massage

In Traditional Thai massage is a 10 energy lines (SEN) and local massaging points. Energy blockages are released by pressure, stretching and energy lines massage. Thus, inner balance and the flow of life energy promoted.
The traditional Thai massage is carried out without oil. It is ideal for muscle relaxation and tension relieve. Enjoy the feeling!


Prices (incl. Foot bath)


60 min 80 CHF, 90 min 110 CHF, 120 min 140 CHF





Four Elements Aroma oil Thai Massage


 Pamper yourself with our Signature Massage. Treat yourself to a gentle version of Thai massage. It is carried out by using high-quality and nourishing massage oils according to a special selection of the 4 elements (fire, water, earth, air). The combination of physical well-being and mental relaxation make a very pleasant form of massage therapy. The massage leads to deep relaxation of the entire nervous system, losens muscle tension and increases well-being.

Prices (incl. foot bath)

60 min 100 CHF, 90 min 140 CHF, 120 min 180 CHF